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I’ve suffered writer’s block for going on a year now. I’ve finally broken the mould and beginning to get back on it. I should explain the new look of the blog I guess……


I’ve had a lot of time to self reflect. I’ve witnessed many illusions being shattered – far left wing groups covering for their leaders’ misogyny and outright sexist violence against its own membership; so-called Christian churches that oppose gay marriage (rejecting the whole of Jesus’ teachings in favour of a choice Old Testament quote); and a general political class in this country who are polished and squeaky clean, that utterly don’t understand the real world they claim to represent.


At the same time I’ve observed those unspoken heroes who do incredible acts as if that was part of their daily routine. The recent news story of someone being talked out of committing suicide by a random passer-by, the regular bus users in Brighton who *always* get off their seat to let my 91 year old Nan sit down, the have-a-go-heroes who foil smash and grab robberies. These are the real activists to celebrate, these are the ones who offer the only hope of this country sorting itself out.


I now treat politics like I treat TV adverts. If it’s promising too much, then it’s too good to be true.  So I’m turning a new leaf in my political beliefs and looking to the present to find my inspiration rather than the past.  To the humble, the “average”, the little man/woman, I salute you! And on that happy note, I’ll crack on with my first post for a while…….


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